No Win No Fee Explained

What Does the Phrase “No Win No Fee” Mean?

“No Win No Fee” basically refers to the practice where Solicitors will not charge for their services if they do not win your case. The thinking behind this practice is that it gives claimants the power to pursue a claim regardless of their financial situation.

Very simply put, if you do not win your case, then you will not have to pay the associated legal fees. When your claim is successful, by an out of court settlement or where you win in front of a Judge, then legal fees will of course apply.

“No win no fee” is a well-known phrase throughout courtrooms and law offices right across the country.

Common Questions About “No Win No Fee”

How much will the claim or case cost?

This can only be assessed on a case by case basis, and really depends on the complexity of the case. Normally your Solicitor will provide you with an estimate once they have properly assessed your claim.

Frequently, no win no fee arrangements will mean that the Solicitor will pay for the medical reports, stamp duty, experts fees and all other costs associated with the case.

Do you offer your legal services on a “no win no fee” basis?

Most Solicitors, (though not all) offer “no win no fee” legal services, however, The Law Society of Ireland does not allow Solicitors to advertise their services in this way.

Why can’t you advertise that you offer “no win no fee” legal services?

The Law Society of Ireland regulates practising Solicitors in Ireland, and they have determined that advertising legal services on a “no win no fee” basis is not something that they wish to permit or to be seen to encourage.

This does mean that there is anything wrong with no win no fee agreements, just that they do not wish for Solicitors to advertise in this way.

Am I breaking any laws or rules by working with a Solicitor on a “no win no fee” basis?

You are not breaking any rules or laws by engaging the provision of legal services on a no win, no fee arrangement.

Do any special conditions apply to “no win no fee” claims?

The conditions applicable really depend on the Solicitor that you’re dealing with, and it is advisable to discuss everything upfront so that you are very clear on any agreement that may be reached.