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Our claim calculator is a general guide, every case is different, and it is our job to differentiate your claim to achieve the maximum award for you.

Note that this is just for the injury element of the claim, elements such as loss of earnings and the cost of care would be calculated in addition.

Loss of both hands / Crush Injuries / Fractures / Loss of fingers

€5,000 - €400,000 
Higher level where there is damage resulting in significant disability of the shoulder to the lower level where the injury resolves with a few weeks

€1,000 - €90,000
Injury associated with wearing a collar all day for years to an injury where recovery is made within a few weeks

€1,000 - €400,000
Head Injury / Hearing Loss / Tinnitus / Loss of Vision / Smell / Taste / Psychiatric / PTSD / Anxiety

€4,500 - €650,000
Amputation / Crushing / Fractures

€10,000 - €85,000
Amputation / Burns / Fusion of Joints / Fractures

€20,000 - €400,000
Deformity / Degeneration of joints / Pins / Fractures

€10,000 - €120,000
Loss of Both Arms / Substantial Disablement / Fractures

€15,000 - €600,000
Pleural Plaques / Asbestosis / Mesothelioma / Asthma

€3,500 - €200,000
Food Poisoning / Seat Belt Pressure / Industrial Laceration

€3,500 - €100,000

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