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Common Causes of Spring Car Accidents in Dublin

They say April showers bring May flowers, unfortunately they also bring along an increase in car accidents. We typically see an increase in personal injury cases every year coming into the Spring/Summer months. You can never quite tell what causes some accidents but there are some that are far more common than you think.

We look into some of the more common causes that are linked to this and we hope that it will give you some valuable information that can be used to avoid a potential car accident. 

Wet Weather

Spring time in Dublin is always known for its wet weather. And as we know rain can cause reductions in driving visibility. Its also makes the roads more slippery because the gaps in the road can be hidden with water. This reduces the traction and increase the chances of you hydroplaning. Unfortunately, the chance of a car accident increase considerably under these conditions. When driving in the rain you should always stay extra aware and keep your distance from other drivers as well as decreasing your speed.

Increased Traffic

As the weather gets warmer more people will tend to be out on the roads. People are on more holidays and want to get out of the house, particularly around the Easter bank holiday, and unfortunately this increases the chances of getting involved in an accident. Drivers are sometimes travelling to areas across the country they aren’t familiar with, engage in tailgating, and occasionally even find themselves in road rage situations. The best way to avoid these sorts of pitfalls is to leave yourself extra time to get to your destination and prepare your journey before you set out. 

Distracted Driving 

It is very easy to get distracted whilst driving. The majority of people will talk to other passengers, eat or drink, adjust car settings, or even use a mobile device while driving. Unfortunately, all of these can be very dangerous on the road and have been known to cause accidents across Dublin. You should keep distractions to a minimum and pull over to the side of the road if you need to make a call or deal with anything urgently. 

Drowsy Driving 

The change in time can cause upset to people’s sleep patterns and daily chores. It’s completely normal to feel tired as your body gets readjusted. But being drowsy while driving can have a significant impact on your performance and cause an accident. If you’re feeling tired, the best thing you can do is to pull over to the side of the road and rest or let a passenger drive. 

More Cyclists & Pedestrians

The warm sun always gets people out of their houses. Because there are far more individuals going for walks and riding their bikes, it’s important for drivers to be mindful of their surroundings. Pedestrian and cycling accidents can be very serious, so make sure to slow down and drive defensively. 

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