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Four Tips For Driving Safely This Summer And Staying Accident-Free

Summer is the best season for driving in your car with the window down. Everyone loves the sunshine and during the good weather the mood is relaxed. However, it’s important to stay responsible and adhere to road safety rules in order to prevent accidents.

Here are four top safety tips from Dublin’s leading Personal Injury Solicitors:

  1. Top Up Fluids

A lot of people wait until their vehicle indicates that it is time to top up their fluids. In warmer weather, the engine in your vehicle heats up faster and this means that waiting for the light to come on could end in disaster.

Fluids in the vehicle should be regularly checked and topped up to ensure optimum efficiency.

  1. Stay Hydrated

While it is important that your car fluids are topped up, you should always stay hydrated yourself. If you are in your car for a prolonged period in hot weather, you should have water on hand at all times. Before any long journey, check that you have enough cold water with you. Investing in an insulated bottle is a good idea as the water will stay cool even if your car starts to heat up. You should avoid soft drinks that do not hydrate you as well as water does.

  1. Think About Allergies

Many people suffer from Summer allergies. These can be extremely problematic when you are driving. Sneezing and having watery eyes when you are on the road is not safe. If you take medication to control your allergies, you need to be careful. There are some medications that cause drowsiness and blurred vision. Be sure that any medication you are taking is safe for driving and will not impair your senses.

  1. Avoid Sun Glare

Having the sun out is wonderful, but it can also lead to sudden sun glare which can be very dangerous when you are driving. Impaired vision due to sun glare is one of the most common causes of road traffic accidents in the summer months. The first step will be to ensure that your windscreen is clean and to replace worn windscreen wipers. Marks and dirt on the windscreen can amplify the glare. You should also make use of the overhead sun visor when you can and wear sunglasses that reduce glare.

When driving in the Summer months, there are certain steps that can help to reduce the chances of an accident occurring. Check that your car fluids are topped up regularly. Staying hydrated. Be conscious of any allergies you may have. On sunny days, be aware that sun glare can happen in an instant. Always have a sense of awareness when you are on the road.

In the unfortunate event that an accident does occur. Contact Personal Injuries Solicitors Dublin for fast and reliable advice.

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