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Four Tips To Help You Avoid Bike Accident Injuries

In the interest of keeping you safe, we have prepared three tips for accident-free cycling:

  1. Follow the Highway Code

Become familiar with and adhere to the Highway Code. Don’t jump traffic lights or cycle on pavements, as you may become a hazard to pedestrians. Always have regard for road conditions, and understand that wet roads can become slippery.

  1. Make sure that you can be seen.

Use lights and bright or reflective clothing, to allow other road users the maximum opportunity to be aware of your presence on the road. Signal clearly when turning,and use your bell when approaching pedestrians.

  1. Understand the Road

The inside lane when vehicles are turning left. Understand that while other road users may not necessarily be aware of your presence, you must be aware of theirs, anticipate their movements. Be especially conscious of your surroundings when cycling alongside large vehicles like buses or lorries – particularly at junctions.

  1. And of course, always wear your helmet.
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