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Who Is The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland
The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland is a non-profit making company established in 1955. The organisation was founded by the then government and other companies providing motor insurance during the time. Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland is registered in Dublin and offers services related to insurance claims. The company’s delegations became fully recognised in the motor insurance industry after signing an Agreement with the Minister for Transport in 2009.


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What Does MIBI Do?

First, the company’s primary duty is to investigate and compensate victims involved in road traffic accidents resulting from unidentified and uninsured vehicles. This role is conducted in line with the 2009 Government Agreement. This Agreement seeks to uphold and honour the rights of those victims who suffer injuries and/or damage in road traffic accidents caused by an unidentified or uninsured vehicle.

According to an independent report released in 2018, uninsured or unidentified vehicles cause about 2,000 accidents annually in Ireland. The Chief Executive of MIBI further noted that about 6% of those victims either have issues concerning their insurance policy or not compliance with the conditions governing their insurance packages. Therefore, MIBI steps in, in such situations to help victims benefit from insurance claims. Those seeking to benefit from the scheme are required to act promptly and co-operate with the Bureau.

Secondly, the organisation acts as Green Card Bureau in Ireland for the victims. This specific role enables victims of road traffic accidents to benefit from the program if the vehicle involved is registered outside the state. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland works closely with the Council of Bureaux Internal Regulations to undertake and govern the investigations and underwriting of settlements procedures.

The third role for MIBI involves operating the Motor Insurance Information Centre of Ireland (MIICI). MIICI is a regulated body that assists victims who have sustained injuries and damage in road traffic accidents. The entity gives information on the insurer and, where possible, acts as the Claims Representative of the involved vehicle.

Lastly, MIBI acts as a compensation Body by providing information and investigating Irish residents’ claims even though the accident happens in another EU member state.

Who Funds MIBI?

All companies offering motor insurance services are required to register with MIBI. The registered companies are then expected to fund MIBI by paying annual levy contributions.

Should I Engage A Solicitor When Making Claims with MIBI?

The organisation does not compel victims to engage a solicitor when making a claim. However, it’s advisable to involve a solicitor following the revised 2009 Agreement, which limits MIBI’s liability in some cases. It’s of one’s best interest to delegate compensation claims to a professional personal injury solicitor with years of experience in such claims.

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