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Tips For How To Prevent And Avoid Back Injuries

Whether you are lifting objects, exercising, sitting or sleeping, it is important to be conscious of your back position and posture. Back injuries are quite common and can range from mildly uncomfortable to being extremely painful and requiring surgery.

As we get older, degeneration, wear and tear are factors that also come into play. This is why it’s especially important to ensure that your back stays protected as you carry out your day to day activities. Let’s look at some lifting tips that can help ensure your back stays protected.

  • Always use an appropriately wide stance when you are lifting objects. This will help you maintain proper balance and posture
  • Don’t lift loads that are too heavy. As for assistance or use an appropriate trolley.

Adopt the correct stance and position relevant to the object you are lifting. If it feels awkward, then take a minute to evaluate the situation.

  • Don’t rush the job at hand. Most lifting injuries are caused this way. Take your time and wait for assistance

If your job requires a lot of lifting, then you should have been given manual handling training. If you have not, then request same from your employer with regular refresher training so that everybody can stay safe.

Prevention is better than cure and good health in general will help to avoid back injury. It’s important to remain active and exercise. Some people are able to go to the gym and work specific back muscles and increase strength. An experiences personal trainer will be able to assist in this regard.

Even if you are not able to make it to the gym, going for a walk, stretching everyday and a good diet will help to keep you healthy and avoid inflammation. Instead of watching television, get out into the fresh air and move your body.

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