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What is a Medical Negligence claim?

Medical negligence claims can cover everything from compensation for a minor complaint such as a dentist extracting a tooth to compensation for a more serious injury where your long term health has been compromised or where there has been a fatality.

Medical negligence can arise where there is a misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis or treatment. This negligence can even occur during a surgical procedure. Equally it can arise if you were not adequately informed and warned of the risk associated with a certain procedure.

We act for clients all over Ireland and particularly in Dublin.  If you would like further information in relation to the medical negligence cases we have worked on contact us today on 0872905001 or email info@jmsolicitors.ie

Here are examples of medical negligence where we can potentially help bring a claim on your behalf:

  • Errors and complications arising from cosmetic surgery such as breast implant claims.
  • Birth related injuries to a mother or her child.
  • Cancer misdiagnosis and delay in treatment.
  • Hip replacement claims
  • Surgical errors.
  • Negligent care in A&E.
  • Dentist malpractice.
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