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What is the Book of Quantum?

The Book of Quantum is mainly used as a guideline as to the amount that may be awarded or assessed to a claimant for their Personal Injury Case. The book was introduced by in the early 2000's to give clear guidelines on fair amounts to be awarded for suffering and pain which is supported by appropriate medical evidence.

It is important to note that most Personal Injury Cases must first be assessed by PIAB, The Book of Quantum will be used at this point by PIAB as a guide to the level awarded for particular types of injuries. However, if a claimant is not satisfied with an award he/she can reject the PIAB Assessment and have their solicitor negotiate for a higher figure or bring court proceedings.

How does the Book of Quantum work?

As a standard rule the PIAB has a 9 month window from the date of commencement of the process within which to make an assessment. The book explains that these steps are followed when the PIAB initially value your claim:

  • Consider the effect of multiple injuries
  • Look up the value range 
  • Identify the category of injury
  • Understand the severity of the injury 

The book will only reflect injury claims for pain and suffering which is supported by appropriate medical evidence. A claim will be assessed in its entirety including all components appropriate to the case that have been vouched. An assessment has a number of components, covering some or all of the following:

  • A sum to compensate for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life
  • Specific losses such as past loss of earnings and medical bills
  • Future cost of medical care
  • Loss of earnings into the future caused by the injury

Who is PIAB?

PIAB is a body which provides independent assessment of personal injury claims for victims of motor, workplace and public liability accidents. All personal injury claims must go through the Injuries Board process before any court proceedings can be issued. A claimant (or a solicitor on their behalf) must lodge an application with PIAB within 2 years of the accident in question. To make a Personal Injury Claim in Ireland, an application must be made to PIAB to assess the case. Personalinjuriessolicitorsdublin.ie will send in the application on your behalf. If you have a question in regards to  a personal injury claim, contact one of our team at Personal Injuries Solicitors Dublin.

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