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What should I consider when choosing a personal injury lawyer?

Joseph McNally, at PersonalInjuriesSolicitorDublin, provides expert advice for people who are  choosing a personal injury solicitor to manage their compensation claim.

1. Are they experts in personal injury law?

There are solicitors that tend to dabble in personal injury and then there are real specialists in their field, like personalinjuriessolicitorsdublin.ie. Appointing a specialist solicitor will ensure your personal injury compensation claim is in the right hands - make sure you research your preferred personal injury company before appointing them as your legal representative.

Personalinjuriessolicitordublin ensures all of its personal injury solicitors receive regular and extensive legal training throughout their time with the firm. The regular training, together with its decades of experience and lawyers who work in very specialist teams, ensures clients receive the highest-quality legal advice and representation.

2. Do they have testimonials of clients they have acted for, who are pleased with the results and happy with the amount of compensation they received on trusted websites such as Google or TrustPilot?

All solicitors will claim they will do their best for you, but is what they claim believable and do they really look like experts that have a proven track record in winning compensation claims? Personalinjuriessolicitordublin has over 20 years’ experience in helping people to secure the maximum amount of personal injury compensation in the shortest possible time. We are also, unlike any other law firm in Dublin, uniquely dedicated to injured people.

3. What are their payment terms?

Terms and conditions between law firms can often seem similar, but there can be little variations that make a huge difference. It’s vital that you understand these and what you’re signing up to before you appoint your personal injury lawyer - otherwise you could find yourself out of pocket when another firm could have provided a better deal.

Personalinjuriessolicitordublin can discuss a range of options with you, including no fees if your claim is unsuccessful.

4. Do they have links to support groups?

Choosing a personal injury lawyer with established links to charities and support groups can ensure you and your family have access to specialist care, rehabilitation services and emotional and physical support. Personalinjuriessolicitordublin is proud to work alongside a wide array of support networks based in Ireland, to ensure its clients are able to get their lives back on track as quickly as possible following a personal injury.

5. Are they local?

Trust is a huge part of choosing a person managing your personal injury claim which is important whatever your type of compensation claim. Personalinjuriessolicitordublin has an Ireland wide network of personal injury specialists, who are committed to combining local knowledge with their legal expertise to ensure every client receives the best service possible. 

How can Personalinjuriessolicitorsdublin help me?

Personalinjuriessolicitorsdublin has represented thousands of people to make successful personal injury compensation claims, and has established itself as one of Dublin’s leading personal injury law firms. To discuss your claim and how we may be able to assist you then please contact one of our specialist team today on 0872905001 or email on info@jmsolicitors.ie.

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