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World Patient Safety Day launched to tackle medical negligence problem.

The World Patient Safety Day was launched in 2019 in response to the ongoing problem of medical negligence across the globe.

The World Health Organisation state that 138 million patients are harmed every year as a result of medical negligence, including mistakes in diagnosis, medicine prescriptions and treatments, the taking and interpretation of X-rays, errors in blood transfusions, and more extreme cases of the wrong limbs being marked for amputation.

A campaign is set to be launched to raise awareness of the scale of the problem when it comes to medical negligence. Other factors cited include a severe lack of resources in many hospitals, and also a failure to deal with errors and learn from them, most particularly as a result of trying to hide errors.

As is the case with most personal injury compensation cases, there can be a stigma around medical negligence claims. Many people who suffer an injury or worsening of a condition as a result of a clinical error will consider that the hospital staff were trying their best, and that you take your chances when it comes to medical treatment.

The difficulty is that many of those people will end up paying for those errors in some form or other.They may find themselves paying to make adjustments to their home or in other areas of their life. Or in the case of a death as a result of medical negligence other family members may suffer financially as a result of a loss of earnings in the household, or the death of someone who provided care for children or others can result in the need for alternative arrangements to be made at a cost to the family.

Medical negligence compensation is never a windfall for a victim. At best it tries to put them in a position where they are not at a financial disadvantage as a result of the errors made in their treatment and care.

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