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You can trust me, I'm a Doctor!

What actually happens when a professional does get it wrong?

When you are referred to see a consultant, you are going to see them for their medical expertise. Your expectation will be that they will know the right answers and you will get the right diagnosis and treatment you require. In everyone's opinion they are the expert, right? 

It may be that some in some cases patients were diagnosed incorrectly, impacting on the medical treatment they may have subsequently received. 

If, and when, they get it wrong though, what is your legal stance?

  • Duty: It is well established that a hospital will owe a ‘duty of care’ to its patients.  Further, they will be liable for the acts of their employees.
  • Breach: Next, is whether that duty of care has been breached:  In short: did they get it wrong? 
  • Damage: Lastly, has any loss or damage resulted from their breach? 

If it can be established that these elements are present in your case, then you may be entitled to compensation by the hospital trust. 

If you think you might have a medical negligence case contact one of our team at personalinjuriessolicitorsdublin today. 

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