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    As a part of Ferry Solicitors LLP, (Established in 1989), we are highly regarded and experienced in Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Law. We provide clear communication and exceptional legal representation throughout your journey. 

    Our success to date, legal knowledge and stellar reputation, allow us to navigate the complexities of the Irish legal system with skill and precision.

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    We gather the information required and explain the process to you in simple terms. You will understand your rights, options and what to expect during the course of your case. We apply our knowledge, experience and work ethic, ensuring that you receive the highest level of legal representation.

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    Our first point of contact will normally be a telephone call were we will find out how and when your accident occurred.


    We can then determine your suitability and arrange an appointment with one of our helpful Solicitors.


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    Fred Pourhassan
    Fred Pourhassan
    If someone looking for solicitor I strongly recommend Joseph Mcnally his very good on his job not like other solicitor keep calling u for more money his going to be my solicitor in our family and friends.
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    June Murphy
    Excellent service and support

    Personal Injury Claim Specialists Dublin

    Our Personal Injury Solicitors are dedicated professionals with extensive experience. We diligently strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is responsible for my personal injury?

    Who is responsible for your personal injury will depend on how the accident happened. If your injury was sustained in a road traffic accident*, the driver who caused the accident will be responsible and we will seek damages from their insurance company. If your injury was sustained in a public place it may be the owner of a property or a government body who will become the mark. If your injury was sustained at the workplace due to the negligence of an employer or colleague, it will most likely be your employer who is responsible and we will seek damages from their insurer.

    Every accident* has different elements to it, and because of that, no two cases are identical. The process of getting the best result in a personal injury case* may differ according to the unique circumstances of the case. We at Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin specialise in getting the best result for you.

    What am I entitled to as a result of my injury?

    Your entitlements resulting from a personal injury* will depend on the circumstances surrounding the accident*, and the losses suffered. You may be entitled to loss of earnings if you have been absent from work as a result of the accident*. You may also be entitled to general damages as a result of pain and suffering as well as out of pocket expenses. Many factors influence the outcome, such as:

    •  Your age
    • Whether you were partially at fault
    • The nature and extent of your injuries
    •  The nature and extent of your losses
    • Other involved parties


    How long will my personal injury case take?

    Every personal injury case* is different and lots of factors will determine how quickly Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin can bring your case to a conclusion. Factors can include liability, or if court proceedings are necessary to resolve will dictate how long a case takes and the nature and complexity of the personal injury* suffered.

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