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    We take all personal injury compensation enquiries and your personal injury claim very seriously, and will always exert our best efforts to ensure that you receive the best outcome.

    How Our Personal Injuries Lawyers in Dublin Work

    We are well-known in the Dublin legal community for providing an exceptional level of service to our clients, and when we tell
    that we will be looking after your best interests, you can rest assured that this will be the case.


    Our first point of contact will normally be a quick telephone consultation where we will find out how and when your accident occurred.


    We can then quickly determine your suitability and arrange an appointment with one of our helpful Solicitors.


    We can pursue out of court settlements in most cases.

    Dublin Personal Injury Solicitors

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    Simply because of our professionalism, and our ability to relate to our clients. We do not judge or second guess. As one of Dublin’s most experienced personal injury solicitors, we are here to listen to your personal injury claim case and to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

    Injury Lawyer Dublin – Types of Claims

    We have listed below the types of personal injury claims that we deal with most frequently in Dublin, but don’t worry if you don’t see the type of accident or personal injuries
    that you have had below, as our law firm has a vast amount of experience in all aspects of personal injury law, and including cases with the Injuries Board.

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    Personal Injury Claims in Dublin

    Whether you’ve sustained a personal injury at work, were involved in a car or motorbike road accident or had a slip and fall, we have the expertise to deal with your personal injury claims. Why go to a general practice Solicitor for legal advice on claiming compensation who concentrates on other areas of law? As a specialist personal injury solicitor, we specialise in the claims process and are fully focused on personal injury law.

    Other common types of personal injury cases, where we are happy to provide legal advice on the personal injury law claims process include –

    • motorcycle accident claims,
    • road traffic accidents,
    • dental negligence,
    • medical negligence,
    • injuries board claims,
    • hand injury claims,
    • knee injury,
    • hip injury,
    • leg injury,
    • brain injury,
    • medical negligence,
    • personal injury claim,
    • personal injuries board cases,
    • repetitive strain personal injury claim,
    • laser eye surgery injury claims,
    • cosmetic surgery injury and all types of general personal injury cases.

    Find out more about no win no fee solicitors in Dublin, and what it is important that you are aware of.

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    We pride ourselves on excellent communication with our clients, and you will be informed every step of the way.


    If we can do great work for other clients, then it is likely that we can do great work for you. Please feel free to check out our online reviews.


    You will be involved in all negotiations in relation to settlements and other aspects of your case, and our motivation is always to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

    Useful Articles Around Preventing Accidents & Claims

    Tips For Driving Safely This Summer And Staying Accident-Free

    Summer is the best season for driving around in your car with the window down. When the sun is shining everyone is in a good mood. It’s important to stay responsible and keep everyone on the road safe, and therefore prevent accidents and avoid personal injury claims, according to Dublin Personal Injury Solicitors.

    Here are some tips to help keep safe on the roads from Dublin’s leading Personal Injury Solicitors.

    Top Up Fluids

    A lot of people wait until their vehicle indicates that it is time to top up their fluids. In warmer weather, the engine in your vehicle heats up faster and this means that waiting for the light to come on could end in disaster.

    Fluids in the vehicle should be regularly checked and topped up to ensure optimum efficiency. If your car does not have stop-start technology, you may want to consider turning the engine off when you are sitting in traffic for a prolonged period. This can keep the engine cool and may not actually use more fuel than leaving the car idling in one place for a long time.

    Stay Hydrated

    While it is important that your car fluids are topped up, you should always stay hydrated yourself. If you are in your car for a prolonged period in hot weather, you should have water on hand at all times. Before any long journey, check that you have enough cold water with you.

    Investing in an insulated bottle is a good idea as the water will stay cool even if your car starts to heat up. You should avoid soft drinks that do not hydrate you as well as water does.

    Think About Allergies

    Many people suffer from Summer allergies. These can be extremely problematic when you are driving. Sneezing and having watery eyes when you are on the road is not safe.

    If you take medication to control your allergies, you need to be careful. There are some medications that cause drowsiness and blurred vision. Be sure that any medication you are taking is safe for driving and will not impair your senses, or lead to medical negligence claims.

    Avoid Sun Glare

    Having the sun out is wonderful, but it can also lead to sudden sun glare which can be very dangerous when you are driving. Impaired vision due to sun glare is one of the most common causes of road traffic accidents in the summer months. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce an accident or personal injury from occurring in this fashion.

    The first step will be to ensure that your windscreen is clean and to replace worn windscreen wipers. Marks and dirt on the windscreen can amplify the glare. You should also make use of the overhead sun visor when you can and wear sunglasses that reduce glare.

    When driving in the Summer months, there are certain steps that can help to reduce the chances of an accident occurring. Check that your car fluids are topped regularly. Staying hydrated. Be conscious of any allergies. On sunny days, be aware that sun glare can happen in an instant. Always have a sense of awareness when you are on the road and so avoid unnecessary dealings with the injuries board.

    In the unfortunate event that some sort of collision does occur we always recommend speaking to personal injury solicitors in Dublin at the earliest opportunity to get appropriate advice.

    Crucial Tips On How To Prevent Accidents During Floods

    Whether it’s on the road or off the road, there are a number of things you can do if you want to prevent road traffic accidents during floods. Even if you live in an area that generally gets no flooding, you still should know what to do. With that said, here are some tips on how to prevent accidents during floods from Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin.

    Caution When Driving Through Puddles

    First and foremost, never drive through water if you are unsure how deep it is. Wait and proceed with caution. If your car stalls in the middle of a body of water, all sorts of issues can arise. Other cars could impact with your vehicle or, if the flooding gets worse, your car could be badly damaged.

    Drive Slowly

    Proceed with caution, if you are driving during very wet weather. This is the case, regardless of whether or not your vehicle is four-wheel drive and capable of driving in extreme conditions.

    Driving fast during a flood increases your chances of being involved in an accident. This includes accidents with other drivers, pedestrians and stray objects. Always take your time and be aware of your surroundings.

    Get To Higher Ground

    If there is extreme flooding, you should do your best to get to higher ground. The closer you are to sea level, the more at risk you are of being involved in an accident.

    Bring Items from Outdoors, Indoors

    If you are at home, secure any items that can be swept away. Large items such as garden furniture and tools can become a serious hazard to you and anyone who might be stuck outside during a flood.

    Listen out for Weather Updates

    Our last tip on preventing accidents during a flood is to listen out for flood warning updates. Do this by tuning into the radio or watching TV or following news outlets on social media. Take official warnings and advice seriously because they may save your life, and negate any personal injury claims. However, when an accident does occur contact a specialist personal injury solicitor as soon as you can.

    Promoting Safety In The Workplace

    In all businesses, accident awareness and the promotion of safety is vital for keeping everybody safe, as our Personal Injury Solicitors explain below. Regular training can be made fun as well as educational. Any issues that arise should be brought to the attention of a dedicated safety officer who will proactively address same. The day to day operations of any business will be run more efficiently when everybody feels safe and actively reports any potential danger, thereby preventing personal injury claims.

    During training, a safety policy should be read and understood by employees and employers alike. They should be encouraged to ask questions about the policy and raise any issues of concern. There should be regular check-ups on safety protocols and knowledge of the best course of action to avoid accidents. An outsourced safety officer can attend the premised to tighten up these protocols and regulations.

    Workplace Safety Policy

    If a company does not already have a safety policy programs in place, then one can be sourced from a specialist. This person can attend the premises and check the day to day running of operations. From there they will compile a set of rules and protocols to keep everyone safe. This will include regular training for all staff members.
    Studies have shown that having a safety protocols in place and conducting regular training dramatically reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace. Lives have been saved and many serious injuries have been prevented by following simple steps and guidelines.

    This in turn inspires confidence in all staff members. Employees know that their employers have their best interests in mind. Employers feel more at ease, knowing that they themselves and their staff are in a safer position.

    Businesses that have a good safety programme in place are generally ran better than those without one. This shows that they care about the well being of their team. Insurance companies recognise this and an adhered to work safety programme can reduce the cost of a company’s insurance policy.

    Following safety rules and having a programme in place is helps to improve business all the time. Everybody’s attitude is better when they know they are being protected while they go about their work. Promoting safety in the workplace is practical and highly advisable. A company stands to do much better when it takes the safety of all people into consideration on a regular basis, making for happier staff and a significantly reduced need to consult your injury solicitors.

    Having A Good Safety Policy in The Workplace Helps to Prevent Claims

    As our personal injury solicitors know only too well, regrettably accidents in the workplace are almost avoidable. However, companies are learning more and more that safety precautions and protocols are good for business, as well as being are necessary for the well-being of the team, and avoiding any unnecessary personal injury claim.

    When a company has a good safety program in place accidents and personal injuries are more easily avoided. This improves the morale within the business and everybody can get on with their day to day tasks. It also makes a business more attractive for new talent to want to work with that company. Other businesses will see that and in turn, they too will be attracted to a well ran business.

    Insurance policy premiums become more reasonably priced when good safety measures are in place. It stands to reason that the fewer personal injuries and accidents that occur, the easier it will be for an insurance company to have confidence in the business. Many industry-based businesses take pride in the amount of days it has been since and accident has occurred on their premises. This is often recognised and encouraged by insurance companies.

    How to Avoid Personal Injury Claims with Adequate Workplace Training

    Setting up a safety program is important for all businesses. Regular training and an understanding of the dangers that present themselves in a particular place of work is vital. This will rapidly reduce the amount of accidents that take place. Training often begins when an employee first starts working. However, it is important that regular refresher courses take place.

    Safety training classes should be educational, practical and can be made fun. The morale of the class should be kept up and an understanding that the team are responsible for each other should be conveyed. A good instructor will strike the balance and get the message across of how important safety in the workplace really is. This person should be a motivational speaker that can capture the attention of their audience and encourage them to participate in the training. Specific training may have to take place in a particular area that an employee is involved in. For example, a specialised piece of equipment or machinery. This can take place separately in addition to training for when a personal injury occurs.

    Safety in the workplace is a must. Companies everywhere are understanding that it is their responsibility for promoting safety in the workplace on a regular basis. It shows compassion for staff and visitors in general. Making a safe workplace is a sign that a company is interested in the welfare of everyone that steps foot on their property and they are working diligently to make sure that it is a safe place to be. Customers and workers alike find that it improves their attitude towards the company in general, and saves enormous potential downtime by sidestepping claims for personal injury before they occur.

    A Short Guide to Preventing Accidents Outdoors During The Summer

    Suffering a Personal Injury at any time during the year is not good. However, it is even more upsetting during the Summer when everyone wants to enjoy the warm weather. Outdoor activities and summer clothing can bring about their own hazards, so do your best to stay safe and then you won’t need to speak to us about a personal injury claim.

    People should be aware of their footwear during the Summer. Flip flops may be safe to wear in the garden. However, once you venture out onto the streets or to the shops, they are no longer the best option. Various hazards can present themselves including broken glass, rubbish, potholes and cracks on footpaths.

    Children and adults often play summer games in their gardens or down in the local park. Toys, bats, balls etc should be cleaned up afterwards. People often trip over these kinds of items.

    When mowing the lawn and doing other outdoor work, people should make sure that they are wearing the proper protection. Garden gloves help to protect the hands. Protective footwear is also important to minimise the risk of personal injury. Making sure that all equipment is put away safely is very important in the avoidance of accidents.

    In order to prevent accidents and personal injuries during the Summer, people should always aware of their surroundings. They should be prepared with right clothing and foresight to see the added dangers that Summer activities can bring about, and so avoid the need for a personal injury claim.

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