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    Personal Injury Settlements Ireland

    Factors that Influence Personal Injury Settlements & Awards in Ireland:

    1. The Book of Quantum

    The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) introduced the Book of Quantum, and it lists many of the most common types of injury and allocates a value based on the severity of the injury and how long it may take to heal.

    The Book of Quantum is more of a guide than anything else.

    2. Age & Gender

    The Book of Quantum does not address age or gender, and so particular regard will be had to your age, and how the injury may impact someone of your gender, for example, a permanent scar.

    3. Psychological Injury

    Injuries often go beyond physical injuries to your body, and so consideration will be given to any ongoing emotional trauma or distress.

    4. Family Circumstances

    Personal injury awards must recognise the particular needs of the injured party, and single mothers looking after a family will have greater responsibility, and financial expense than an able-bodied person living at home with his or her parents.

    5. Loss of Amenity

    Seeks to address a deterioration in your quality of life, whether that is participating in a hobby, going dancing or attending local football matches.

    6. Special Damages

    Designed to cover the financial expenses associated with treating the injury that you have sustained. For information and advice on personal injury settlements in Ireland, simply phone our office for a quick chat about your situation.