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    Whiplash Claims in Ireland – Information & Advice

    Whiplash Compensation Claims – Average Payout Ireland

    “The Government recently set up a commission to examine compensations awards for victims of motor collisions amid concerns about escalating insurance costs. Between 70 and 80 per cent of all car insurance claims are for whiplash-related injuries, with the Insurance Ireland estimating the average payout to be about €15,000.”

    Accidents Causing Whiplash

    Whiplash is a neck injury that is commonly caused by car accidents, whether in Ireland or elsewhere. Whiplash is a result of your vehicle being hit in an accident from behind, and this impact causes your head to be violently and suddenly to be thrown backwards. This can cause damage to the neck muscles that essentially support the head.

    Typical Whiplash Symptoms

    The results of whiplash injuries are severe soreness of the neck and can also result in many other physical symptoms. A whiplash sufferer can develop vertigo, dizziness, a ringing sound in the ears, pain in the jaw, shoulder or back, and can have difficulty in swallowing. While these are the physical side of the injuries that whiplash can cause, other psychological symptoms that manifest in the form of disturbed sleeping patterns, nervousness, irritability, memory loss, depression, and an inability to concentrate.

    Whiplash injury compensation claims are the most common injury suits that are instituted, but the problem with them is proving them, as in most cases there is no other injury or broken bones, and people involved in such road traffic accidents may not display any signs of having been in a car accident that has been traumatic. Whiplash is a soft tissue injury, but for sufferers, it can have a huge impact on their daily lives, and therefore the need for a claim. Claims have to be supported by a doctor as evidence for an insurance company to accept such claims. Some symptoms may not develop immediately, but it is important that after an accident you do undergo medical attention.

    Whiplash accident claims can include, besides the injury compensation, claims for loss of property and damage to it during the accident, loss of earnings as a result of the trauma, medical treatment costs, and transportation costs and other special damages that you may incur. Take proper advice from a lawyer before you submit any such claim, and see that your claim is backed by the proper documentation like police reports, witnesses, and photographs of the site.